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Our dedicated communications professionals focus on providing attention to detail and the specific needs of each unique campaign or project. We've successfully executed needs assessment analyses and strategy audits for public and private sector organizations, building on this research to create and implement results-driven communications, marketing and public outreach programs for a variety of target audiences and defined goals.

We've initiated intensive press and publicity efforts designed to shape and define image, reputation and leadership position for public and private sector organizations, and achieved significant results, both in media attention, public responsiveness, and positively influencing behavior.

We’ve managed crisis situations and prepared for disasters through effective crisis communications, from creating an effective plan, training the organization’s staff and executives, and helping to implement the plan in times of crisis, training the organization’s spokespeople and providing real-time preparation and outreach materials as needed.

We’ve created dramatic, inviting collateral materials to help our clients communicate their message viscerally as well as through thoughtfully chosen messaging. When it comes to strategically communicating effectively with your target audience, we provide unlimited advice and support!

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